About myself.

Welcome to the website of Dr. Orazio Mancino – Agronomist, specializing in the field of experimentation in agriculture.

My experiences in this sensitive area of agrochemical started back in 2006 with the group Syngenta Crop Protection Spa.

Throughout my continuing education,I explore working and visiting personal holdings in the main countries in which crops are grown under shelter and extensiveness in soilless. (Morocco, Israel, Turkey, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Spain, United Kingdom, Denmark, Sweden, India, China, Netherlands, France, Hungary, Greece, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand )

I have decade of experience in the field and in the registration of new fungicides, insecticides, miticides, nematicides, fumigants, slug pellets, herbicides, biocides, fertilizers (liquid, pellets, organic minerals) growth regulators, microbial consortia and these are water absorbent among other factors.

In Addition, I am a consultant for a major test facility. I have a working relationship with about 30 multi-national companies around the world. Thanks to the passion I hold my occupation, I always embark on new projects and new challenges with many partners all over the world.

All my work is transferred to the ARM 9 software.

I work for the satisfaction of my client.